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LENRIA facilitates the 

CMNS / LENR / Cold Fusion

Journal Rejection Database 

LENRIA has developed and is hosting the LENR journal rejection database. The database was formed to collect the experiences of LENR researchers, past and present, as they endeavor to publish their research in peer reviewed journals . (Launching November 2020.)

Journal Rejection Results Screen

*Sample Data


Infinite Energy magazine 

Companion articles by Steve Katinsky and David Nagel of LENRIA regarding xxxx.  

Infinite Energy magazine, issue 146, July/August 2019.

Steven B. Katinsky - A Policy Argument for a Rational Approach to Cold Fusion Research

David J. Nagel - Near Term Possibilities for Advancement of LENR

LENRIA organized ICCF-21. 

LENRIA organized ICCF-21, The 21st International Conference for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (aka International Conference for Cold Fusion.)

ICCF-21 was held at The Lory Student Center at Colorado State University in Fort Collin, CO, 3-8 June, 2018.  Website:

(Steven B. Katinsky - Chairman, David J. Nagel - Co-Chairman)

LENRIA International Calendar 

LENRIA has published the LENR International calendar for the years 2016 - 2019, and shall resume publication in 2020.

The calendar is distributed by directly by LENRIA, and by Infinite Energy Magazine.  

We have been graciously supported with images and other content by The Marriott Library - Special Collections, The Deseret News, the New Energy Foundation, Cold Fusion Now, and by many scientists, companies and advocates within the LENR research, business and philanthropic community.  

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